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What are your sessions like?

Our session time together is very relaxed and fun. We will go to two to three locations, change outfits, and find positions that you feel good about! There is a lot of correspondence and planning that goes into making a session an awesome experience. We have a quick pow wow to look at outfits before go and then we are off! You’ll be changing on the fly -usually in the car so be prepared!

How many outfits can I bring?

Unlimited!! We will fit in as many as we can in the time we have together! Seniors who are pretty organized and have outfits and accessories organized on hangers ahead of time are usually able to fit more in than those who stuff it all in a bag. Keeps everything nice and handy and makes for super quick changes! Side note: Clothes that are free of wrinkles look better on camera!

How long is the session?

One to two hours…. really depends on how comfortable you are in front of the camera!

Can I bring my best friend with me?

As a general rule, no. This is your time! We will have a good time. If you need support, you can bring a family member. Don’t bring family that you fight with…even a parent. This might a good time to see if your favorite Aunt Cathy is available to come with you!! If you just know you need your best friend, we will allow it if you let us know ahead of time and if they promise not be a distraction. If it gets too silly, we may ask the friend to sit in the car for a bit. :) We typically do not approve romantic boyfriends/girlfriends to attend a session at all, unless they are going to be in some of the photos and then we will allow them to be there for that part of the session only—usually we do these photos at the very end of a session.

Can I have my pet in any of the photos?

Sure! We usually do those toward the end of a photo session so a family member can bring the animal to our location. We don’t suggest keeping a pup in the car (even air conditioned) for the entire session.

Can I bring props for my photos?

Yes! Please feel free to bring anything that represents who you are at this time of your life! I have seniors bring, military uniforms, musical instruments, vehicles, skateboards, ski’s, guns, animals, fishing equipment, sports equipment, religious books etc. Let’s feature you and the things that are important to you!

How long does it take to get my pictures back?

2-4 weeks depending on the time of the season. End of season is more toward 4 weeks, while earlier sessions are more like 2 weeks.

Can I have the copyright to all my photos?

We provide a print release to anyone who purchases a digital photo file or digital photo package.  You may then  print your pictures, use them in the yearbook and give them to the newspaper for achievement articles, etc.    While we don’t release the actually ownership copyright, because that belongs to the photographer, you are able to use your photo for any personal use.   Any commercial use for profit is prohibited. 

Can I have a sneak peek?

Yes! We typically try and do this as the gallery is ready. You can expect 1-3 photos on Facebook and maybe 1 on Instagram. If you have these social media outlets, we can tag you or you can tag yourself!

Can I use my photos to make senior yearbook ads and graduation announcements?

YES!  Any photo that is purchased in DIGITAL format may be used for yearbook ads and graduation announcements.   What you may not do, is screen shot a photo on your cell phone or right click and save a photo from your gallery, crop off the photo watermark and use those images.  We keep very careful track of which clients purchase digital files, any use of work product that has not been purchased is strictly prohibited.  Additionally, you may not scan physical prints that have been purchased and use the scans for yearbook ads or grad announcements.    What you CAN do, is either purchase the digital image with print release and order your own products OR you can pay us to design a graduation announcement or yearbook ad for you and then we'll take care of ordering  your products or submitting them to the school.  Clients who choose to violate this policy will be invoiced for the amount of a single digital image for every instance a stolen photo had been used without permission or purchase.   This policy is strictly enforced.  



Clouds- We. love. clouds. They make beautiful backgrounds. If it’s completely overcast, it makes for beautifully lit portraits! The sky turns into one giant reflector!

Rain vs Thundershowers- We shoot as much as we can in the summer. If a day calls for rain all day long, we may reschedule. If it’s going to be thundershowers, then we shoot in between. Often times in the summer, we get a thunderstorm at 5/6pm at night, but they are quick 20 minutes and then sunny again. We will wait out a thundershower that is expect to be quick.

High Winds- In Great Falls, there is always wind. In fall, we usually get crazy windy. We work with the client to determine if we are still going to shoot or if we are going to cancel. I don’t really give a thought unless it’s like 30-35 mph crazy wind!

Forest Fires- Inevitably, there may be forest fires in the mountain ranges around the state-- We rarely cancel due to smokey or hazy conditions unless it is way too thick or if it is unsafe for the client to be out in those conditions due to medical conditions such as asthma.
Smokey air can give us some of the most beautiful sunsets and soft lighting conditions that makes for gorgeous photos!  

Extreme Temps- Generally speaking we shoot in super cold or super hot weather. Being prepared is key. In winter, we suggest lots of hand warmers strategically placed, cars are kept warm and a hot chocolate isn’t a bad idea! In summer, we keep cars on and cool with lots of cool beverages to drink in between! Our motto is: “Suck it up buttercup, it’s only an hour!”


Combining colors that compliment each other are wonderful. For example, that gorgeous cobalt blue with the electric yellow. Blue and yellow are complimentary colors which are pleasing to the eye and will help enhance your portraits. When going for color combinations, work with colors that are in the same “Family Shade”, example yellows, creams and tans. (can’t you tell I love yellow). Color can be found in any clothing, accessories or even shoes. Simply pair a cute white top, with skinny jeans and a red shoe and you’re set!


When adding texture and patterns to your wardrobe it can be in a variety of things. A knitted scarf during winter, patterns on maxi skirts, tops and even pants. When you add a texture or a pattern element to your outfits it can enhance your images to be more unique and more you.


You want to be sure and bring an arrangement in styles. Something casual, like a cute tee, cardigan, a pair of jeans and your favorit wedges. How about something dressy, a gorgeous black lace dress with amazing peep toe booties. What also helps is when you think about where you will be shooting. Fields? Forests? Alleys? If all else fails, just bring your entire closet and we can help during your Wardrobe Styling. Dont forget to bring a pair of flats to walk around in, walking forever in heels can take its tole on our little feet. 

Style plays an important role in your senior session. Whether or not you are into the latest fashion trends, you will want to wear something that is comfortable, and that reflects who you are - right now at this stage in your life. Bring outfits that are clean, wrinkle-free, and organized on hangers.  


What to Wear